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JNK Drops

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Why is losing weight so hard? Research (1) shows that our metabolism works against us. When we lose weight, our metabolism slows and our bodies move into starvation mode; and that slowed metabolism allows the pounds to creep back.

Science Meets Nature in Our Supplements

Exogenous (or made outside the body) ketones like raspberry ketones were shown, in a groundbreaking study from 2017, to push people into a state of ketosis (2). When your body is in ketosis, your sense of hunger slows and your metabolism speeds up. This state is the goal of diets like the Keto Diet. By adding raspberry ketones to your diet, through our supplements, you could get the same impact without the hassle of a restrictive eating plan.

Raspberry ketones have also been associated with anti-obesity action, in studies performed with mice. In the most well-known study of this phenomenon, published in 2005 (3), researchers split mice into two groups. Both were fed a high-fat diet, but only one also got raspberry ketones too. The raspberry group did not gain as much weight as the other group, and had better scores of liver health.

Clearly, mice are not humans. Studies with humans are ongoing, and we eagerly wait for those results. But, studies like this do demonstrate how much power is packed within a ketone supplement.

JNK Gene

As part of the JNK Diet, the ingredients used in the JNK Drops are added to help reduce the activation of the JNK gene and work synergistically with one another.

Most medications activate the JNK gene and it is that activation of the JNK that leads to medication induced weight gain and insulin resistance.  

 (1) "Persistent Metabolic Adaptation 6 Years After 'The Biggest Loser' Competition." Obesity: A Research Journal. May 2016.

(2) "On the Metabolism of Exogenous Ketones in Humans." Frontiers in Physiology, (2017)

(3) "Anti-Obese Action of Raspberry Ketone." Life Sciences. May 2005.

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