Click here to go to our shopping cart. What is Adrenalpin Adrenalpin is a proprietary blend of Pantothenic Acid, Cordyceps, Eleuthero, Rhodiola, and Montmorency Tart Cherry. Adrenalpin is formulated to help the adrenal gland in response to physiological stress. The feeling of anxiety first thing in the morning, a gradual reduction of anxiety as the morning passes, and then a resurgence of anxiety toward noon time is an indication of adrenal stress.* This is usually followed by bouts of insomnia and at times chronic insomnia.* Most natural treatment for the adrenals and cortisol create anxiety and insomnia during treatment. This is is usually the case whether a person is taking anti-anxiety medication or has never used psychoactive medication in their life. Most individuals can never complete a program such as that and continue suffering the anxiety levels associated with cortisol. Adrenalpin was formulated to be gentle and not create further anxiety during use.* Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis) Mycelia Cordyceps are classified as a fungi because it is without roots, leaves, seeds or flowers and does not require sunlight to grow. This supplement has been used for centuries in Asia and has been used in the western word now for several decades. How Cordyceps Support Health The compounds found in Cordyceps are believed to possess immune health promoting properties.* Cordyceps are believed to be an activator of immune responses.* Eleuthero Eleuthero has some action on neurotransmitter function, central nervous system,cardiovascular function and can help the body when it is faced with various biological, physical or chemical challenges. How Eleuthero Supports Health Aids the adrenal gland during times of stress.* Assist the adrenal glands with regulation of cortisol.* Montmorency Tart Cherry The Montmorency tart cherry used is identical to the tart cherry used in our products; Body Calm Daytime Relief, Body Calm Supreme Melatonin Free, and Body Calm Supreme With Melatonin. The tart cherry arrives at or manufacturing facility without additives and binders to the powder. For the highest of potency, the Montmorency Cherry we use is made from the skin as well as the inside of the cherry. The skin is where you will find most of the antioxidant benefit with a cherry, as well with all other fruits. How Montmorency Tart Cherry Supports Health This type of cherry has been shown in studies to lover an inflammation marker, Interleukin-6.* Interleukin-6, when too high has been shown to precede the feeling of depression.* Montmorency Tart Cherry has been shown to give relief from mild daytime anxiety.* Pantothenic Acid (USP) This is an essential B vitamin needed to release energy from carbohydrates, protein, and fat in food, required for synthesis of adrenal hormones and cholesterol. Pantothenic Acid is also involved in fatty acid metabolism and important for several enzymatic processes. The other B vitamin Biotin requires Pantothenic Acid to fully metabolize and be effective. How Pantothenic Acid Supports Health A vital coenzyme A (CoA) which is essential in a variety of reactions and is necessary for energy metabolism.* Helps normal growth and development.* Assist with the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter used in brain for memory.* Used by the body to help maintain normal healthy function of adrenal glands.* Rhodiola Rhodiola has been shown to increase resistance to a variety of chemical, biological and physical stressors.* Rhodiola has been shown to help fight fatigue as well as enhance physical and mental performance.* It has a benefit with actions of neurotransmitters, central nervous system, and helps the body adjust to biological, physical and chemical challenges.* How Rhodiola Supports Health Helps maintain balance in the body during physical stresses.* May help fight fatigue and provide a calm energy.* Promotes mental clarity.* Helps balance adrenal gland and cortisol. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.